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If you need to get rid of unused files older or newer than certain date, you should try this application. Now you don't need to browse different folders manually and search for very old files. All you need to do is to target application on folders (with sub folders optional searching), select what type of files your're looking for and define time range. Next choose what to do with found files: delete permanently, move to Recycle Bin, move and copy to other directory or do nothing.

Get rid of unused files older or newer than certain date


The application can search for files which are older or newer than defined conditions. You can find files older than 30 or more days in any directory.

With many options you can choose how you want to search files, you can match files by last modification time, last access time or file creation time.

You can create rules with multiple folders to search, each directory can be scanned recursively or without including sub folders.


Files can be deleted permanently from hard disk or removed to Recycle Bin. This option is very helpful when you're not 100% sure if you want to completely remove files. Files from Recycle Bin can be always restored.

If you don’t want to remove files and directories you can move or copy them to another folder. This feature could be used as backup utility for your files. Files can be overwritten or skipped if already exists in destination location.

Command line

If you need to remove files on schedule you can run application without GUI interface. Command line switches will help you to specify settings file with rules.

Thanks to it you could scan temporary files at every start of operating system.

Learn how to run in the background.


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Demo mode

By default application works in demo mode – only first 10 matched files are deleted.


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MSH Delete Files Older Than is licensed on a per user basis. If you have multiple machines (laptop, desktop) you need only one license.

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